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What’s in Your Office?

We spend hours at our desks every day. We collect books and trinkets and Post-it® notes. We have a plant and a calendar and a few photos. Do we give much thought to what we surround ourselves with? Is it a conscious choice or does it just pile up over the years? We interviewed two LPKers who have pretty cool spaces that inspire them to do their best work and look forward to coming into the office.

Every time you walk into Tommy Sheehan’s office, there’s a good chance you’ll see something new. “This place changes quite a bit,” he says. “Things are just kind of leaned up and there’s no real meticulous order. I like the walls to be messy, but I try to keep my everyday work off the walls. I think it’s a good way to create balance. I like the madness to surround me, but my desk to be sort of normal. It feels more like an art studio than a work office.” The constant change, the flux of screenprints, photography and inspirational graphics that fill Tommy’s office help remind him that he’s continually creating something new.

Chris Bautista enjoys the creative process so much that her office is devoted to it. Designer graffiti scribbled over magazine cutouts adorns one entire wall, which Chris says is her favorite thing in her office. “It’s been evolving ever since I moved in and now takes up most of the space. I love being able to have a space to devote to my process. What’s on the wall is the PG-13 version of what’s going on in my head.” Chris also surrounds herself with gifts from friends (a record album, a Lego Guggenheim Museum, a paper heart collage), random notes and photos of happy memories. “I like being around other designers and having their work around me.”

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