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How 13% Drove One-Third of Sales: Elle Morris and Liz Grubow on Ethnic Hair Care

Elle Morris, LPK’s resident beauty junkie, collaborated with Liz Grubow this summer to learn more about the rapidly growing ethnic hair-care market. Their article appeared in the July 2010 issue of GCI with some surprising facts about the unique hair-care needs of African American and Hispanic women.

Imagine a typical hair-care consumer in 2013. What does she look like? Where does she live? What does she need to help her hair feel gorgeous and full? By 2013, the traditional Caucasian woman whose hair launched campaigns like “Because I’m Worth It” will be matched by the equally powerful styles of diverse ethnic women. Their hair-care needs are unique and underserved, although their spending power will exceed $4.2T in 2013.

Recent studies by the General Merchandise Distributors Council and Mintel discovered that:

  • African Americans represent 13% of the U.S. population and one-third of all hair-care sales.
  • Hispanic consumers spend more in this category than non-Hispanic Caucasians.

These markets represent remarkable opportunities for innovation and growth at mass and prestige. Read more of Elle and Liz’s findings at gcimagazine.com.

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