Pringles Serves Up Limited-Edition Snacks

03 Aug 2009
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LPK’s limited-edition, tennis-themed design for Pringles was featured in the August 3, 2009 edition of Brand Packaging. Launched exclusively in the United Kingdom for their summer tennis season, the designs proclaim “These Are Not Tennis Balls!” and include clay and grass court graphics.

Brand Packaging is a monthly publication entirely focused on the role of packaging in the consumer product marketing mix.

About LPK
LPK is an international design agency where remarkable people Build Leadership Brands. By integrating strategy, design and innovation, LPK leverages relevant consumer, shopper and market insights to create value, sustain leadership and transform businesses.

The agency’s portfolio of category-leading brands and long-term client relationships attracts some of the best and brightest creative minds in the world. LPK’s combination of strategic skills, creative disciplines and cross-cultural perspectives results in brand-building innovation across media, geography and time.

With a presence in North America, Europe and Asia, LPK is the world’s largest employee-owned brand design agency. LPK has developed and managed brand design franchises for some of the world’s most successful businesses.

LPK’s independent spirit champions a vibrant creative culture, and the company has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as a “Winning Workplace” and described by HOW Magazine as “one of the largest and most influential branding agencies on the planet.”