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Desires: On Social Contact, Acceptance, Romance & Family

Using human truth to improve brand relevance, LPK’s Nathan Hendricks explores four desires: social contact, acceptance, romance and family.

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Cincinnati Ballet Takes the Stage with a New Look

As one of the most progressive, inventive dance companies in the US, Cincinnati Ballet was overdue for a brand update. Now, it’s opening the season with a new identity by LPK—its most dramatic refresh in over 15 years.

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Desires: On Sustenance, Tranquility, Physicality & Order

In an effort to align brands with commercial truth, LPK Chief Creative Officer Nathan Hendricks explains four desires: sustenance, tranquility, physicality and order.

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9 October 2017

Kicking Off Brandemonium on an Innovative Note

BXP will play host to Brandemonium’s premier event, Reimagining Brand Communication, on October 9 in Cincinnati. Speakers include LPK’s Bryan Goodpaster, senior creative director of trends, who will talk foresight, innovation and changing landscapes as secret weapons for relevance.

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Pringles and Ramen? Yes Please.

In collaboration with Nissin, an instant-noodles brand, Pringles has introduced its latest mash-up: Top Ramen Chicken flavored snack. The limited-edition offering, featuring packaging design by LPK, hits shelves at Dollar General locations across the US in mid July.

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Much to Be Desired

This industry changes at lightning speed—new categories, new channels, new normals. It seems as soon as we embrace them in full, they’re old news. So, how does anyone in branding maintain their sense of direction—or better yet, get ahead of the chaos?

Nathan Hendricks, LPK’s chief creative officer, has an answer: our 16 human desires.

17 June 2017

On the Move: Our London Office Finds a New Location

Guests and friends of our London office can now visit us in Holborn off Kingsway. For the new address, head to our contact page.

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25 September 2017

At DMI: How to Talk Shop with a Non-Designer

Michael Wintrob, VP Strategy at LPK, will host an executive roundtable at DMI’s 2017 Design Leadership Conference, Futureproof by Design, in Minneapolis on September 25. The topic? Industry translation—how to successfully talk design with a group of non-designers.

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