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Event: 25 January 2017

Our CCO to Talk Collaboration at Package Design Matters

LPK Chief Creative Officer Nathan Hendricks is headed to Bonita Springs, FL, for the annual summit on all things packaging. In a candid panel discussion, he’ll dissect the client-agency relationship alongside 3M’s Eric Quint, PepsiCo’s Mauro Porcini and Design Business Association’s Deborah Dawton.

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In the Press

“Loud” New Pringles Work Is Making Headlines

Pringles isn’t just a potato crisp anymore. LPK helped the brand expand into the tortilla aisle in 2012. Now, a flavor-focused line made with corn and grain is hitting shelves, featuring our packaging work.

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A Health-Care Center Gets that Human Touch

Collaborating with Cradle Cincinnati, we transformed a once-stale health-care space into a nurturing environment for women and children.

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In Honor of a Few Great Names

Yes, we lost some of music’s greatest icons in 2016. But there’s something they have in common—besides being musical idols—that we can hold on to.

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Don’t Tell Gen-Y How to Parent, Just Brand Accordingly

A new ilk of moms and dads has changed baby care for good. Brands of all kinds, take note. We’ve launched a new e-book, Brave…
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Valerie Jacobs, Head of Insights & Innovation, Featured in Cincinnati People’s Premier Issue

For its debut, Cincinnati People made LPK’s Chief Insight & Innovation Officer Valerie Jacobs its cover star. She talks her early days in fashion, a formative moment in Paris and clarity on what trends really are (hint: not exactly what you think).

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From Our Partners

Rounding Out 2016: DMI's Design Value Index

To bring the year to its proper close, the Design Management Institute released its annual Design Value Index, charting the continued growth of design’s impact on business—this time, a 211% return over the S&P 500.

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In the Press

A Blitz for the Books

Put three brand teams and three local non-profits in a room, then give them 24 hours. The result? Brand transformations you have to see to believe. On Friday, November 18, LPK’s third-annual overnight Design Blitz came to its coffee-fueled conclusion.

At 9 AM, each LPK team—a mix of strategists, writers, designers and more—presented their work to this year’s partners: Josh Cares, BLOC Ministries and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. There for the grand finale was news station WLWT, who captured the big reveal. From new logos and taglines to collateral and video, each touchpoint was developed to meet the organizations’ unique needs and challenges. “Holy cow, they did it,” said Mary Huttlinger, Executive Director at Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. Even she felt the effects of the all-nighter: “I was so excited for this project, up until probably like 7 o’clock.”

Check out the full story on WLWT.

It Ain’t Easy Going Green

We’re halfway through an off-the-grid experiment. The update? It’s not going quite as expected.

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Add Binoculars to Your Brand Survival Kit

LPK’s Michael Roller talks Landscape Scenario Planning, the future of design, and the importance of being near- and far-sighted in tandem.

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Visual Storytelling: Photographing a Farm in Fall

Explore Gorman Heritage Farm in the fall through the lens of Assistant Photo Director Allison McAdams.

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Starting Strong: The Fast Track to Success at LPK

Once you’re hired at LPK, what happens after you walk in the door? How you approach the work and how you show up to your colleagues will determine your success. We asked our senior creatives for their advice on Starting Strong.

Event: 10 January 2017

LPK’s Passion for Pattern Coming to Printsource New York

Can patterns win the hearts and minds of consumers? Our Print + Pattern team says yes. Join us for our presentation on the power of pattern and how to make it work harder for your brand. It’s happening in The Future Cafe at Printsource New York on Tuesday, January 10.

Save your spot for their presentation.

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