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Yogi Tea

Full Steam Ahead

Yogi Tea fans don’t just love the brand—they live it. But the health and wellness trend has evolved lightning fast, welcoming new artisanal brands into the fold, and with them, lots of new shoppers. Across Europe, Yogi was falling behind, failing to compete with boutique wellness labels and mainstream power players.

It was time to get back to its origins and celebrate its story—a compelling one steeped in the Ayurveda tradition.

Double-digit sales growth in Europe.

A second brand rollout to over 3,000 retailers in 14 countries.

A Story As Old As Tea

To bring new energy to the Yogi narrative, we filtered it through a modern lens, brewing up a contemporary, holistic identity and design system. It was the just-right blend of old and new: clearly communicating Yogi’s healthful, enlightened heritage to new European audiences, while also making it easier for longtime devotees to more easily explore the flavors they love.

Returning to Deep Roots

To stand out at shelf, we placed emphasis on the story’s most compelling parts: an iconic spiritualist for a founder, a grounding in the yoga practice and values of wisdom and self-nurturing. What emerged was a system of elements both vibrant and pure—a stylish henna background anchored the collection, while purposeful herbs and spices and unique yoga poses lent specificity to each pack. The strategy’s synchronized design system helped shoppers navigate Yogi’s impressive portfolio of teas—appealing to new consumers and garnering more loyalty from existing ones.

Tapping New Markets & Consumers

Following major success in smaller boutiques and specialty health shops, Yogi came back to us with a new challenge: develop a new brand for mass-market. Eager to tap mainstream retailers, Yogi needed a brand tailored to compete on mainstream shelves. We used insights and design thinking to perfect the formula: on-pack, imagery highlighted key ingredients, shape language suggested a lively flavor experience and a new, black logo functioned as the brand’s halo. Even color was tweaked to render the lineup more vivid and connected at shelf.

Yogi’s mass-market brand has reached its lofty goals: winning new consumers at thousands of retailers across France, Spain, the UK and beyond.

LPK did a fantastic job of staying close to our unique and iconic elements, while achieving a fresh, modern look and feel on the packs. We absolutely love the vividness of our new lineup on shelf.

– Sonja Gmelin, Marketing Manager Europe, Yogi Tea
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