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Redefining the Game

It’s not just a golf ball. It’s the golf ball. When Titleist debuts its newest Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls every two years, they’re the talk of the industry. To shake things up for the launch of its newest range—the most innovative in the game—Titleist needed a fresh look and feel, rooted in what the consumer actually wants.

A new look and feel for the #1 ball in golf.

In its first quarter since launch, an upswing in sales of 2.9%.

A World of Influence

To evolve Titleist’s expression the right way, we started with the modern golfer, using a synthesis of qualitative and quantitative methods to more closely understand our target audience.

Our research and conversation analysis led us to other relevant realms of influence, which we explored to inform the expression both verbally and visually. Our target’s diverse loves—real estate and wine, professional football and Formula One racing—formed a tapestry of aesthetic codes, revealing a new take on luxury.

Hitting an Ace

Forget country-club vibes and pastel colors—Titleist debuted its newest Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls in redesigned packaging that majors in black and copper, sporting a finessed brandmark to convey performance and innovation.

We teed up Titleist to launch its much-anticipated product to big applause, and to keep it going with a flexible toolkit. The brand is set to outperform in a crowded marketplace—not only now, but for another two years until the next line of balls hit shelves.

We talk a lot about how important the trust of golfers is to our brand. That said, gaining our trust … is not always easy. Your consistent approach, discipline and quality of work has rightly earned our trust. I felt a lot of pride walking out of the boardroom knowing the good work we have done together.

— Michael Mahoney, VP Marketing, Titleist
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