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Tampax & Always

Off the Runway,
into Her Bag

After decades abiding by the unspoken rules, Tampax & Always were ready to mix things up. In a space where pastels and butterflies were the long-followed formula, FemCare was ready for a fashionable update. Tampax & Always took a leading role in the revolution, focusing on consumer insights to better understand what their shopper needed—and expected—from a modern FemCare brand.

In recent years, Radiant has gained over 30% in market share, prompting plans to launch in more retailers worldwide.

Sensing a Pattern

While most essentials in a woman’s bag had modernized over the years, the tampon was dated. We watched the competition react with a departure from traditional femininity, utilizing black boxes and primary-colored wrappers.

But for Tampax & Always, a different kind of disruption was in store. We gathered target consumers to get their take on the changes happening, and learned that evolution, not overhaul, was the answer. Instead of almost-masculine design—which felt detached from the female experience—shoppers craved a broadened, more confident articulation of femininity. If women’s clothing and accessories serve as modes of self-expression, why not their tampons too?

Right on Trend

Our in-house team of fashion designers and trends forecasters
worked side by side, strategizing a visual
vernacular with inherent style.

Answering the Call

Hearing her desire for sleek designs and off-the-runway elements, we developed a new visual system, robust enough to interweave several products from Tampax & Always: tampons, pads, liners and wipes. Speaking a common design language, built with saturated hues and lacework motifs, the products feel unified, despite their separate locations at shelf. Throughout the aisle, Radiant presents as a collection built with the fashion-forward shopper in mind: thoughtfully designed to meet her needs and fit into her aesthetic world.

Even better, the system is optimized for new cycles of print and pattern in the years ahead—because fashion is never finished.

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