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Getting the Respect
It Deserves

Unify and Magnify

SUNY is the nation’s largest, most comprehensive public university system—unrivaled in scale, diversity and opportunity. And yet, it was misunderstood and deeply undervalued.

LPK helped SUNY get over the “under-” labels by galvanizing its presence as an economic and cultural powerhouse through a cohesive communication platform that unified its 64 distinct institutions while maintaining the individual identity of each. The total effect was improved credibility and worth among students, communities and legislators alike.

Became the pride of New York.

Earned the financial support of the state legislature.

Recognized by the federal government as an exemplary steward of the public’s trust.

How We Got There

Group sessions and stakeholder interviews helped us unearth the insight that SUNY was widely perceived as big and far-reaching yet unfocused, with many unrelated public institutions.

We knew SUNY needed to be united as one to show its impact. To lead the way, we created a big idea with a unified story. This platform gave SUNY a singular voice—both visually and verbally.

While giving each school the flexibility to tell its story, the unified identity and overarching narrative gave SUNY a powerful path forward. The work helped them showcase their heritage, unrivaled scale, diversity and best-in-class thought leaders with a passion for possibility. Ultimately, it illustrated SUNY’s vast impact and instilled pride in the people of New York.

LPK helped us come together and work in a more unified way than ever before. Now more than ever, SUNY is New York’s #1 asset.

– Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor, The State University of New York
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