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Water: the Hot
New Thing

Snow-capped mountains, ice-blue color schemes, romantic references to natural geysers and trickling streams—the motifs found on most water bottles have made for a category of sameness.

To launch a new bottled water from Malaysia-based Spritzer, we rewrote the rules, telling a brand narrative no one had heard. Spritzer doesn’t just derive from a more exotic locale, it is silicon rich, touting proven benefits like clearer skin and stronger joints. The brand is vitality in a bottle—and it deserves an expression to match.

It’s tough to redefine something as elemental as water, but in China, Spritzer has changed the game, introducing a distinct bottled water that’s swaying consumers and stealing the limelight.

The Consumer’s Thirst for New

Across the Chinese market, our Trends team saw a new intersection occurring: as young consumers’ incomes increased, so did their concerns about pollution and contamination. The result? More bottled water consumption.

It was a trend that transferred into Asia’s bars and nightclubs, too. We hit the nightclub scene for insights, watching as consumers gravitated toward bottled waters with sleeker, modern aesthetics. Under the flashing lights, the bottled water in hand was a reflection of status and taste—and the more stylized, the better.

Into the Rainforest

Equipped with fresh insights and a unique story rooted in the lush rainforests of Malaysia, we helped Spritzer strategize a product launch that would resonate with Asia’s younger, hipper shopper—someone both club hopping and health conscious.

Where other mid-price water brands talked Alpine purity, we alluded to tropical vibrancy.

Extracted from an ancient underground aquifer, Spritzer’s water travels 420 feet to the surface, where it’s bottled at the source, untouched by human hands.

To visually develop the brand, we focused on its new positioning—“bottling the vitality of the rainforest”—and let it guide our design expression, a contemporary interpretation of Malaysia’s rich landscape. Drawing from the land’s natural flora, our stylized graphics anchor the packaging, rendered in greens and yellows that stand out in the water aisle. Structurally, the bottle’s slimline shape conveys a bespoke sensibility, while its embossed, criss-cross vines create a tactile experience when held in hand. Through physical cues, the new pack in China is emulating the traits its consumers value most: modernity, vitality and a sense of discovery.

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