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Simplifying to Strengthen

In 2007, two names in the glove business—Showa Glove, a global player, and Best Manufacturing, a North American leader—shook hands on a new deal. It was official: two major hand-protection companies had become one.

But to the outside world, the entities remained separate—disjointed even. Their breakthrough technologies were going to market worldwide under a variety of product names and brand banners, overcomplicating the story. What’s more: regional nuances added complexity to how the company communicated in different markets.

The newfound vision, identity and expression united the organization and elevated SHOWA’s marketability across the map, affirming its relevance to consumers in the industrial, professional and home-care categories.


One SHOWA, One Message

First things first: what do we call it? Knowing that the very name of the merger was causing confusion, we focused on clarifying the brand architecture and positioning. By uniting the company under one name, SHOWA, we established consistency for the brand’s many outputs, setting it up for success both internally and externally. We also worked to define vision, values and beliefs, equipping SHOWA with a clear and singular voice that would inspire employees and stand out in a noisy marketplace.

Framing the Future

To guide product development and focus marketing dollars, we took SHOWA’s fragmented portfolio and gave it a structure—one that made sense to customers worldwide. A robust, insights-driven communication strategy was key. It steered messaging for various markets, ensuring SHOWA resonated across diverse cultures and selling environments.

Beyond the Glove

With a solid foundation in place, we turned to the identity. SHOWA didn’t just need something globally relevant, it needed something emotive—a human-focused edge that would make the competition sweat. For years, the brand had been going beyond the glove, creating technologies that improved product safety and efficiency. It was SHOWA’s emphasis on innovation that inspired our identity and design assets—from its techy color palette and sleek type to futuristic visuals that imply progress.

Always Innovating, Never Imitating

Today, the SHOWA brand experience conveys a heritage of excellence and a passion for innovation. From packaging to sales collateral, website to tradeshow booth, every touchpoint invites customers, consumers and employees alike to connect with SHOWA on a deeper level.

I’m beyond grateful for your professionalism, preparation and flawless presentations in our team meetings. You made me look like a rock star.

— Gil LeVerne, Director of Marketing for Americas and Oceania, SHOWA
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