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Brand’s Turf

Scotts, a venerable leader in lawn care, wanted to increase its presence in big-box retailers. But with a wide-reaching set of products and services, the brand’s portfolio came off too large and complex, making it difficult to spread its roots.

Finding the Greener Grass

Our job was clear: help Scotts get out of its own way. We used consumer insights and strategy to lay the groundwork, then design to bring simplicity and continuity to the brand. Fresh design elements and messaging outfitted Scotts products for retail, focusing on themes of discovery and self-empowerment.

Now, at shelf, Scotts is spreading a new, uniform idea: encouraging homeowners to rediscover their lawns, seeing them for the vibrant living spaces they are.

It’s a Win/Win/Win

Today, in stores near and far, our streamlined visual system conveys Scotts’ premium benefits. It’s an inspired, easy-to-shop system that retailers and customers love.

The buyer took one look at LPK’s package design and completely fell in love with it. He immediately thought it looked premium and got it in terms of the benefit. Now, the retailer is planning to carry multiple sizes.

– Brand Manager for Outdoor Living, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
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