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Painting the
Market Red

Watch any home-makeover show, and you’ll hear the same maxim: “you can transform that with a coat of paint.” In a Pinterest-happy age where inspiration is endless and expectations are high, brands like Olympic stand to make a killing.

It explains the onslaught of new product lines and simplified formulas, like built-in primers and all-in-one elixirs. For years, Olympic has been innovating with the best of them, but the brand’s expression didn’t match. We helped it launch a new competitive product—then gave the rest of the portfolio a fresh coat, too.

Gained share at the expense of competitors, stealing nearly 5 points.

Increased comp store sales by 54% in first year.

Priming a Product to Win

To launch its new, all-in-one wonder in a specific big-box retailer, Olympic was in need of a makeover from the inside out. We began with the product’s name, positioning and tone of voice, opting for an honest, aspirational and easy-to-use identity dubbed “ONE.” Coupled with new visuals, Olympic’s latest offering reframed the broader paint conversation, elevated its emotional appeal and competed at shelf.

Polishing Olympic’s go-to-market approach for ONE® led to more endeavors. Line by line, we applied fresh insights and design thinking to the complete range, creating new offerings and revitalizing existing ones to win in the aisle.

I could not have been more thrilled with the rigor, methodology, professionalism and tightness with which LPK approached the research, creative development and presentation. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

– Jennifer Dodson, Sr. Marketing Manager, Olympic Paint
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