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Baking Whimsy
into Snacktime

Showing the Wonder of a Wafer

Wafer snack lovers are a youthful, energetic bunch; yet successful snack brand Muzic looked old and tired and was feeling the crunch from the competition.

And who wants a snack that’s totally serious?

We focused on what makes this snack a favorite for young adults: a guiltless indulgence that lets them express themselves uniquely.

We reinvigorated Muzic with a playful, illustrative design and quirky personality that speaks to snackers’ desire to let loose, feed their craving and enjoy the moment—maximizing flavor, fun and impact at shelf.

12% lift in market share in the first year after launch.

How We Got There

We amplified the power of Muzic by enticing a new consumer segment—teens and young adults—and positioned the brand as a fun snacking sidekick along for the ride and up for whatever, whenever.

This new strategy squared up an ownable space for Muzic in the Asia Pacific snack market with a mouthwatering, eye-popping design that not only illustrates the creative, carefree life of its consumer, but also simplifies flavor finding in the brand’s growing portfolio.

I truly enjoyed working with the LPK team. I loved the responsiveness, initiative and big-picture thinking they demonstrated.

– Ling Yee Wen, Senior Brand Manager, Munchy's
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