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Maker’s 46

An Old Bourbon’s
New Trick

Since its sell-out launch, Maker’s 46 has contributed to the growth of the entire bourbon category, now one of the fastest-growing spirits segments in the United States.

Making Room for Another Legend

An exploding category. A new generation of fans. And no innovation since 1958.

Enter Maker’s 46, a brave twist on the original. We blended legendary heritage with premium cues to craft a new expression of bourbon that gives Maker’s fans an opportunity to trade up to a bolder experience.

How We Got There

Over the years, the palates of whisky consumers had moved toward bigger and bolder flavors. To write the next chapter in Maker’s Mark’s rich family lore, we had to create a premium offering without diluting an icon.

The new brand, 46, refers to the recipe number of the one barrel out of the 100 versions tested that produced a distinguished new flavor profile. To make its own statement while paying homage to its heritage, our bottle design plays Maker’s Mark’s famous red wax tendrils and brand seal against clean, contemporary lines and a thick glass bottom that communicates refinement on the shelf and at the bar.

It’s a simple elegance that reinforces their reputation as one of Kentucky’s premier, handcrafted bourbon distillers.

Our work on Maker’s 46 earned its own Pentaward in 2011.

The Mark of a True Maker

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