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A Laundry Room
Awash with Whimsy

In the past few decades, we’ve seen innovations in the laundry space: new detergents, new appliances and a crop of new brands fighting for share. But what’s gone missing is an aspirational brand experience that brings fresh thinking to both appliance and detergent.

Enter Lonkey: a Chinese brand known for its detergents, looking to make a splash with the debut of its new, gem-like “beads.”

Dreamy, sophisticated brand experience disrupts laundry care.

Launches via diverse media, including social campaigns and a live fashion show.

Fragrance-Inspired Waterworlds

We used consumer and cultural insights to root the work in a brand narrative—one that activated the laundry experience in an inspiring, wholly new way. Casting a spotlight on the washing machine, we portrayed it as a portal into fantastical waterworlds, each inspired by a fragrance.

Cultural Relevance, Global Appeal

Using illustration styles popular in our target regions, we painted whimsical scenes where waves break in spectrums of colors and birds fall in love with fish.

From Retail to the Runway

Packaging was just the beginning: our work extended to a diverse breadth of touchpoints—from PR and social campaigns to a buzz-generating live launch at a fashion show, in which our designs projected onto models as they took the runway.

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