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Turning It Up for the Mainstream

Broadened audience appeal.

Expanded distribution into major retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

Amplifying What Matters

JBL spent decades perfecting sound technology and the audio experience.

But the JBL name was not making waves as the music scene went digital, and more listeners were willing to sacrifice quality for portability.

We helped JBL headline again and reignite music lovers’ passion for superior sound by showing them they didn’t need to compromise their listening experience.

How We Got There

Tracking trends in the audio category helped us zero in on a consumer who could influence how JBL rocked music lovers on a large scale.

By tuning in to the “audio obsessed”—people whose lives revolve around music and the experience of sound—we crafted a brand world and photo strategy that express electric elegance and rebellious sophistication.

After establishing brand-foundation elements and design assets, we brought the vision to life in new product initiatives that mixed killer sound with killer looks to put more power in the hands of modern music enthusiasts.

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