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Giving a Brand
the Royal Treatment

Since its founding, JAFRA has been firmly rooted in the idea of infusion. It was created by a husband and wife, Jan and Frank—hence the hybrid name, JAFRA, its products inject rare ingredients like Royal Jelly into traditional formulas and it was developed with two distinct targets in mind: female beauty consultants and consumers.

The brand gained cult followings in Mexico, inspiring women to run their own businesses on their own terms. Still, years later, JAFRA found itself at a crossroads: their consumers were aging, awareness was low and, aesthetically, the label didn’t say modern luxury. As the beauty industry changed, so had the JAFRA story.

Our job? Put it on paper, then bring it to life through design.

House of Brands

As a mammoth brand that spans many categories, JAFRA simplified its structure, repositioning as a mega-house of boutique brands. We helped crystallize the hierarchy with a brand narrative and unifying tagline: “Freedom to be you.”

To meaningfully modernize the expression, especially on pack, we went back to the idea of fusion, juxtaposing female individuality and collective diversity. It informed every aspect of the design strategy—from its rich, worldly palette and shape language to the nuanced, human-centric photography and messaging.

“… we went back to the idea of fusion, juxtaposing female individuality and collective diversity.”

An Idea with Power

Flipping through the new catalog, watching the corporate narrative video, unboxing the suite of Royal Jelly products—now, each experience reinforces JAFRA’s focus on the female spirit. Through a holistic rework of the expression, diverse touchpoints began to champion the same, singular idea. Ultimately, JAFRA offers tools for independence—be it through entrepreneurship as a consultant, or self-expression as a consumer.

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