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Emmi Choco Latte

Chocolate Milk:
No Longer Child’s Play

Refreshing the Taste of Childhood

Chocolate milk. One of the many pleasures of childhood.

But as kids become adults, chocolate milk loses its coolness and they hang up their silly straw.

It was time to bring the craving back. We helped Swiss dairy giant Emmi reintroduce grownups to the nostalgic treat with Choco Latte, a café-inspired beverage for adults.

Delivered a sense of artisan quality and urban sophistication never before seen in the flavored-milk category.

How We Got There

For the maker of Europe’s most-popular chilled coffee drink, the challenge lay in positioning a quintessentially kids’ drink as another cool beverage option for young adults.

We immersed ourselves in hip café culture and the sophisticated chocolate world to bring out the inner child in the grown-up chocolate-beverage category.

The sweet spot was a playful visual expression and a quirky tone of voice that captures Choco Latte’s essence as a stylish, uplifting treat that delivers a taste of childhood.

“LPK helped us access an undiscovered category for our target consumer. They crafted a successful approach for bringing trendy young women into the flavored-milk category and worked seamlessly … to roll it out into the marketplace.”

– Nicole Grond, Category Head, Drinks Emmi

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