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Cheez-It Grooves

A New Wave
in Snacking

In the Land of Cheddar,
Cheez-It Is King

For more than 90 years, Cheez-It has been baking 100% real cheese goodness into perfect 1 in. squares. And while the endearing snack cracker has thrived despite little innovation outside of flavor variations, the time had come to reimagine the Cheez-It experience. We helped Cheez-It prove it was all it’s cracked up to be with the launch of Grooves—a lighter, crispier offering that reinvigorated the brand and its relevance in snack culture.

$70M sales in year 1
$100M sales in year 2
Nearly doubled its revenue goal in year 1 and grew 43% in year 2, launching Cheez-It into a billion-dollar brand.

From bold colors and fun typography to mouth-watering visuals featuring its flavor-holding ridges, we gave the “cracker that snacks like a chip” a look that stopped shoppers in their tracks—and showed Cheez-It fans there was a new way to enjoy the square, cheesy goodness they loved. To celebrate the taste and texture innovation, we gave the crisps a name of their own—one that not only spoke to their unique attributes and the heightened snacking experience they offered but also enticed cracker snackers to get into the savory snack groove.

Together, the sub-brand visual and verbal strategies helped put a modern twist on the nostalgic favorite, driving renewed appreciation and growth momentum for the brand.

2016 Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Award Winner

One of only 18 consumer product launches recognized for breaking through the clutter, skyrocketing consumer demand and sustaining growth over time.

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