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Beam Suntory

Shaking Up
the Spirits Industry

Stirring an Era of Innovation

With competition stiffening and a thirsty audience eager to mix things up, Beam Suntory wanted to modernize its product portfolio and engage consumers who whet their appetite with spirits.

So how could they raise the bar? A steady stream of new products and tastes.

We partnered with Beam Suntory on a craft and innovation process that produced a pipeline of fresh ideas and offerings—inspiring growth everywhere from the hallowed halls of Beam Suntory, across the spirits industry and to bar calls all over the world.

Accomplished mid-single digit sales increase in nine months in 2016.

Claimed 50% of all super-premium bourbon cases sold in 2015.


LPK has learned our business, they’re as passionate about it as we are, and they bring a great outside perspective at the same time.

– MaryKay Bolles, VP Global R&D and Innovation, Beam Suntory

Going Beyond the Barrels

Beam Suntory has an incredibly dynamic product history, with spirits dating back centuries, from cultures around the world. So what did we do? We drank it all in. We went there. We saw the processes. We met the people and tasted the passion. We immersed ourselves in the historical and familiar roots of the spirits.

We combined these drops of inspiration with existing knowledge and outside-in stimulus—including socio-cultural trends and research with bartenders, liquor-store owners and consumers—and distilled them into inspirational territories designed to incite new ideas and experiences. These territories served as the strategic backbone and master plan for the exploration of new categories and occasions.

Over the years, we’ve fashioned a number of innovation workshops to capitalize on this strategy, resulting in dozens of ideas for the future—as well as many on shelf, ready to enjoy. To date, it’s also led to over 28 new products, including Maker’s 46, Jacob’s Ghost and Devil’s Cut—leading to a stronger bottom line for Beam Suntory.

In the course of about a year, Beam Global has gone from the least innovative company in the industry to arguably the most innovative, and their willingness to bet the flagship brand on these escapades makes it even more impressive.

– Chuck Cowdery, bourbon critic, The Chuck Cowdery Blog
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