LPK Brand Innovation Center

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LPK Brand Innovation Center

A Space for
All Your Best Ideas

Brainstorms, breakthroughs, innovation sessions and international summits—the work that takes place at 22 Garfield Place is as diverse as it is transformative.

Part Neoclassical, part contemporary, our LPK Brand Innovation Center is an expansive and flexible space, available for rental by corporate partners and clients of LPK.

Set in the heart of downtown Cincinnati along the Piatt Park corridor, this unique space embodies what we stand for: creative excellence, entrepreneurial drive and a deep sense of community.

Want more info? Read on. Or for a detailed, downloadable rental guide, click here.

Beautifully Versatile

Because every event is different, the LPK Brand Innovation Center is designed to flex and scale to your needs. Reservations can be made for any of our individual spaces, or for the complete facility.

Rental includes audiovisual necessities, creative resources and many other conveniences to ensure that your event runs smoothly: Wi-Fi; cordless Polycom; copier; printer; creative supplies like Sharpies, Post-its, easels and flip charts; tables, chairs and white linens and comfortable, modular furniture.

Our center is open weekdays during normal business hours (7AM–5PM EST) and closed weekends and holidays. Timing may be flexible upon request.

The LPK Mansion

Built in 1861 for entrepreneur Marcus Fechheimer, a successful wholesale clothier during the American Civil War, the home is one of the earliest works of Samuel Hannaford (1835–1911), Cincinnati’s best-known late nineteenth-century architect. Its Italianate architecture stuns the eye and mind. From its grand entrance and high ceilings to arched windows that let the light in, the LPK Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features a library, drawing room and multiple parlors. These rooms are ideal for executive meetings, consumer-research sessions and small-group brainstorms.

Capacity: up to 50 guests. View the floor plan.
Amenities: 6 x 9 ft. projection screen; projector and remote; speakers.
Pricing: $1,250 full-day rental (8 hours); $625 half-day rental (4 hours).

Ready to reserve? Reach out to us here.

The LPK Innoventures® Hall

Built in a contemporary New Brutalist style, the LPK Innoventures Hall, with its exposed concrete construction and ductwork, is a striking contrast to the LPK Mansion. Enter through the exterior plaza, then walk the winding corridor into the main hall, an open-air space designed for larger gatherings—from exhibits and awards to company meetings and summits. In addition, make use of the separate breakout room in the LPK Mansion (called the wine cellar) that holds up to 75 guests.

Capacity: up to 175 guests. View the floor plan.
Amenities: 6 x 9 ft. projection screen; projector and remote; podium with microphone and laptop; integrated sound system; 6 wireless and 2 handheld microphones.
Pricing: $1,000 full-day rental (8 hours); $500 half-day rental (4 hours).

Ready to reserve? Reach out to us here.

Need More Space to Spread Out?

Consider renting the entire facility including the LPK Mansion and the LPK Innoventures Hall. This provides ample space and multiple breakout rooms on two floors, plus the large hall. The space is available in both full- and half-day increments, and can be rented for multiday events.

$2,000 full-day rental (8 hours); $1,000 half-day rental (4 hours).

Ready to reserve? Reach out to us here.

Catering Service

We are equipped with a staff to organize all of your catering needs at the center. From gourmet meals to hors d’oeuvres to boxed lunches, the sky is the limit when it comes to catering options.

Drink service
A full drink service is offered, including coffee, tea, bottled water and Coca-Cola products. All prices are based on “all you can drink”: $10/person, full-day service; $5/person, half-day service.

Or you can choose coffee and tea only: $3.50/person, full-day service; $2.25/person, half-day service.

Snack service
A variety of four (4) assorted sweet and salty snacks, which may be customized based on your needs: $3.50/person, per request.

Ready to reserve? Reach out to us here.


22 Garfield Place
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
United States

We’re located within blocks of many hotels and parking options (both free and paid). Get a lay of the land on Google Maps or download directions. And for more details on accommodations and parking, download our rental guide.

Contact Us

Our rental guide provides details for reserving the various spaces that make up the LPK Brand Innovation Center.

Reservations + planning:

Emily Venter

+1 513 241 6401

Facilities needs:

Dan McMullen

+1 513 241 6401





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