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Greening with Meaning

Earth Week, and the release of our annual sustainability report has us thinking deeper about our impact. LPK’s bold approach to environmental responsibility is improving brands across the map—ours included.

In the past year, the world has seen a wave of cultural and political shifts that are impacting nearly every facet of people’s day-to-day lives. We’re witnessing a groundswell of widespread movements that challenge us to reexamine long-standing paradigms. We’re hearing new voices that speak to a spectrum of new demands, giving rise to a new era of divergent thinkers, impassioned activists, and people who not only want change but expect it.

This is a huge opportunity for brands. Ours included.

Now more than ever, we can act boldly, bring our beliefs to the frontline and make a stand for something greater. Our 2017 sustainability report captures some of the ways we’ve contributed to causes that benefit our community, culture, environment—and company as a whole.

The way we see it: we need to embrace the momentum of change, not follow in its footsteps. That’s why these efforts continue with reinvigorated spirit and bolder goals every year.

To learn more about LPK’s approach to sustainability, read our 2017/2018 report: Design for a Difference.

Rick Conner is a senior creative director at LPK. His leadership and direction provide key brand insights and creative development for today’s most well-known brands across several categories. Rick also dedicates much of his leadership and many of his creative skills to The Nature Conservancy, the Ohio Board of Trustees and the Sierra Club. He is also LPK’s sustainability director. Talk Machu Picchu or nature conservation with Rick at rick.conner@lpk.com.

Senior Copywriter Adam Sievering contributed to this post.

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