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Regional Positioning Strategy Puts Cincy on the Map

The Cincinnati region is on rapid rise, thanks to a fresh, holistic place branding approach led by Source Cincinnati and leading community organizations.

Over 75 travel and lifestyle lists. Some 200 national media stories. A shout-out from The New York Times in its 2018 must-visit list. A lot has happened since Source Cincinnati debuted its new place branding approach for the Cincinnati region, a tri-state area that includes the city of Cincinnati, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana.

With a mission to enrich the Cincinnati region and strengthen its economic impact, the community needed a singular story—one that could unite diverse leaders to spark momentum. To help combat the view of Cincinnati as a fly-over city, Source Cincinnati and leading community organizations partnered with LPK to develop a fresh positioning narrative and holistic communications strategy that resonates with its targets: tourists, professional candidates and business leaders. “We learned most people knew nothing, neither good nor bad,” says Susan Lomax, head of communications and content at Source Cincinnati. “We [had] to enter this brand new marketing world.”

The inspired positioning narrative, rooted in target-audience research and stakeholder insights, has shifted the conversation about the region and delivered on its goal—rallying the community around a singular narrative that is welcoming more visitors, new residents, bigger development projects and heightened cultural clout.

“Positioning the Cincinnati region was all about uncovering the community’s authentic DNA and sharing it with the world,” says LPK Group Director Matt Fearn. “The Cincinnati region has become a cultural and economic powerhouse over the past few years. We appreciate the importance of the work that Source Cincinnati and its partners are bringing to this effort—galvanizing key players in the region and driving overall growth.”

To learn more about Source Cincinnati and its approach to place branding, head to CincyUSA.com.

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