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Your job is a complex one: diverse stakeholders, a new generation of students and, across the board, a fever-pitch demand for disruptive innovation. You need a partner who gets the challenges and nails the solutions.

That’s where we come in. Our expertise in education branding is both wide and deep, spanning the complete pipeline—from pre-schools to colleges, universities and support programs. We know an education takes many forms—and we develop best-in-class brand solutions for all of them.

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Our take on education—
and why it’s different.

We know education up and down: from the importance of the first years in a classroom to the unique opportunities that higher education offers. We also know that the space is ripe for disruption.

If you ask us, a lot of education brands look and feel the same—and that’s because they follow a single recipe. We do it differently, applying diverse capabilities and category experience to build brands rooted in real insights, emerging trends and changing markets. Whether it’s attracting the right-fit student or driving consistent messaging to a multitude of audiences, we help you hit your goals—and raise the stakes for education everywhere.

Here’s a glimpse at how we’ve done it for others.

Move to the Head of the Class

SUNY is the largest public university system in the US—but it was misunderstood and undervalued. We found out why, then crafted a new narrative to elevate the brand and drive consistency. Today, it’s the pride of New York.

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Craft a Compelling Story

To future-proof its organization, the University of Cincinnati needed a refined positioning. We framed it as a top innovator in experience-based education—a sure-fire strategy to appeal to Gen-Z.

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Make Artful Investments

Since 1869, the Art Academy of Cincinnati has fused the classical and contemporary for an astutely provocative curriculum. We helped it create a brand system of equal gravitas—and gain new cultural clout.

At a Glance:
Embracing Gen-Z

Great Expectations

With unprecedented demands and distinct, digitally driven values, Gen-Z is shaking up education—and then some.

  • Higher education institutions are shape-shifting with new programs, new curriculums and new values.
  • Less-than-traditional education paths are leading to equally unconventional, ever-changing careers.
  • As globalization continues, Gen-Z’s world is shrinking, putting international pursuits within close reach.

How can your brand adapt to better service the world of Gen-Z? And more importantly, how should it?

We outline the answers in our webinar, Here Comes the Future Student. Watch the video.

Aim for Most Improved

EdWorks implements new teaching methods to prep students for college—but the nonprofit had its own learning curve. We clarified its positioning, widening reach to over 50,000 students and 3,000 teachers.

Create Structure Where
It’s Needed

Strive’s secret to success? The right architecture. This organization needed a stronger model to hold its many services together. We custom-built one, plus a growth-driven strategy, identity and expression.

Show Future Promise

Salt works to relieve the financial burden that comes with entering the education cycle—no matter where you jump in. To reach an especially broad base, we developed a focused-yet-flexible positioning to unify the organization, then socialized it with fresh prospects in new categories.

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