2015 Sustainability Report

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Progress takes passion. Fortunately, we keep it on tap. This report shows how LPK’s passion for sustainability paid off for our company, communities and environment in 2015.

Big and small, we made a difference.


Doing More Together

By channeling our passion and creativity into local communities, the impact of our work can improve the lives of thousands. In 2015, we went all in.


Going Green (and Saving It Too)

In the face of today’s environmental challenges, we continued our efforts to reduce consumption, waste and costs in our daily operations.

Earth—this one’s for you.


Empowering People

Happiness comes from within, which is why we foster an independent, creative and empathetic workplace where employees can be happy, healthy and driven to be their most extraordinary selves.

Here are a few ways we helped.

Career Development

Unleashing Our Potential

As employees, we see our professional and creative pursuits as lifelong journeys. As a company, LPK keeps everyone moving toward their next destination.

What Did She Learn?

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