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20% of consumers worldwide buy
something new for their home every week.

Let’s go home together.

Your to-do list is long and complex. The home category is one of endless opportunity, but it’s also tough and supersaturated—flooded with influences from TV and YouTube, Pinterest and publications. When it comes to home, competition is stiff and consumer knowledge is high.

That’s where we come in. Our expertise in the home category is both broad and deep. We don’t specialize in one dimension of the space—because real homeowners tend to it all. From cans of paint and cleaning supplies to appliances and tools, we create brand solutions for the many ways people turn a space into home.

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From the things that make a household run ...

... down to the surfaces we touch.

Invested in home—
every nook & cranny.

Whoever said “home is where the heart is” got it right. Sure, it’s four walls and a roof—but it’s also where we break bread, make memories and grow. Any successful approach to home should consider this full range of experience—from the elbow grease of DIY to the emotions of redecorating.

Did we mention we’re homeowners? Our team has a nuanced understanding of the home category—not only because of our expertise, but because we’re up on ladders and out in the yard, too. We apply our diverse experience and capabilities to build brands steeped in real-world insights, emerging trends and shifting markets. Whether it’s repositioning your brand or debuting a new product at shelf, we can help you tackle it—and be home in time for dinner.

Here’s a peek at how we’ve helped others.

Dare to Reinvent

Olympic has produced premium paints, stains and cleaners since 1938, but it was time for a fresh coat. We developed a new expression system to debut its latest product, ONE. And after big success on shelf, we kept going, giving the complete portfolio a strategic revamp.

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Steal the Retail Spotlight

To cut through in a crowded category, Beautyrest came to us. We evolved its top-tier mattress line into an aspirational experience, developing a disruptive brand positioning, communication strategy and identity. It gave Beautyrest Black a retail presence unlike anything else on the floor—and delivered double-digit sales growth.

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Evolve through Innovation

GE insists on imagination—and so do we. Wanting to expand its offerings, the business asked us to develop a sub-brand of home accessories designed to complement its appliances. We created a package-design system that elevated GE’s role in the home, then mapped a retail strategy to match.

Claim Your Turf

Scotts is the premier name in lawn care—but to prevail in big-box retailers, it needed a hand. Through positioning strategy, design thinking and messaging, we streamlined the brand’s in-store presence, helping it gain new green-thumb consumers.

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Whether we rent or buy, one thing’s for certain: everyone’s opting to stay in.

  • The rise of content-streaming services and “binge” viewing culture points to more time spent indoors.
  • Studies say more than 20% of consumers worldwide buy something new for their home every week.
  • Celebrity influence—from TV personas to lifestyle bloggers—is bringing new caché to the well-decorated, cared-for abode.
  • Over 60% of US consumers will choose to take on a DIY project, more often driven by the joy of creating versus the need to save.

How can your brand adapt to better serve these homebodies? And more importantly, how should it?

We can help you tackle the task. Get in touch.

Spin a New Story

Hunter Fan has been in the home category for well over a century. But to stay relevant in the present-day aisle, the brand needed an update. We helped it embrace the winds of change, developing a fresh positioning and design toolkit to unify—and modernize—its product range.

Look with Fresh Eyes

After a long run as the leader in air filters, Filtrete wanted to reassess its stance in market. We showed the brand adjacent opportunities it was missing, introducing six new consumer segments worth targeting. Our work led to a revamped brand architecture—built for innovation and expansion—as well as a robust visual and verbal strategy.

Insist on Simplicity

When two global hand-protection brands joined forces, there were big watchouts: a complicated portfolio, overlapping positionings, confused consumers. We helped SHOWA navigate its merger gracefully, applying strategy and expression to launch a cohesive innovation brand worldwide.

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