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LPK IS a global brand design and innovation agency. As specialists in innovation, branding, and customer experience, we create brands that resonate in current culture and stand the test of time.

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As a branding and innovation agency, our work has helped brands disrupt tired categories, define new ones, grow businesses and steal share. See for yourself.

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Whether it’s core innovation or transformative innovation, we help businesses bridge the gap between present-day challenges and future opportunity. We help brands excel in innovation by hurdling operational roadblocks, prioritizing the right ideas and propelling them effectively to drive top-line growth. More


Strategy is about choices—and we make the ones that are right for your brand in today’s changing marketplace dynamics. Driven by insight and foresight, we create next-gen brands that forge instant, enduring connections between business and consumer. More

Customer Experience

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In today’s landscape, experiences are the ultimate exchange between business and individual. Focusing on human behavior, we translate innovative ideas into compelling experiences that drive growth and deepen consumer allegiance. More

Tools & Thinking

Digital Roundtable:
Post-Blanding Branding

Thursday, August 27 @ 12 PM (ET)

When did everything start to look the same? Adaption to digital has caused a lack of differentiation across the brand landscape—something we call the “blandscape.” Join our strategy and creative experts to learn why we got here and how to deliver what consumers are really craving.

What Matters Most Right Now? Brand Empathy.
As brand-builders re-engage consumers, Bhavi Joshi, Sr. Strategy Director & Head of Insights, says acknowledge what’s changed and lead with empathy.
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A Smarter, Faster Validation Method: Proto-Selling
Traditional approaches are slow, expensive and astonishingly inaccurate. Explore LPK’s rapid, in-the-wild approach that tests real concepts with real people in real selling environments.
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Digital Roundtable: The Making
of Vera Health
Designed for transparency, flexibility and accessibility, Vera Health is demystifying the insurance experience for digitally native consumers. Join us to learn how we built the new brand and CX in tandem, bringing a breakthrough experience to a sector that’s ripe for innovation.
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