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Mount St. Joseph Revamps to Prove It’s on a Mission

With new brand foundations and a compelling narrative, Mount St. Joseph University is prepared for a new era of growth.

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22 May 2018

DMI Event Focuses
on Diversity & Inclusion

LPK will host DMI’s first Design Leadership Conference on Innovative Thinking on Diversity and Inclusion. Spotlighting women and minorities from across the globe, the three-day forum will explore methods for creating a culture that’s inclusive, inspiring and outfitted to win.

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Greening with Meaning

Explore our annual sustainability report, Design for a Difference, and learn how we’re helping brands—ours included—go green with deeper meaning.

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At SXSW, New Tech Comes with Heart

Back from SXSW 2018, Strategy Director Tori Tasch recaps the emerging technologies that will affect the future of brands.

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Overcoming Innovation’s Roadblocks: Fuzzy Experience Maps

Swapping overly complex diagrams for inspired consumer experience maps, Nick Partridge draws a path to more productive, profitable innovation.

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Decision By Desire

If branding is about developing better experiences for real people, how do we ensure we’re designing what they want?

LPK’s desires methodology acts as a compass for decision-making, pointing to what actually motivates people. The approach not only aligns brands closer to commercial truths, it spurs major business growth. Billy Thomas, VP and Director of Creative Excellence at LPK, explains.

Let’s talk primal.

Desires thinking helps us decode people’s preferences for specific brands, products and experiences.

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