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22 February 2018

February’s Salon Explores the Business of “Cute”

Salon, LPK’s forum for unconventional dialogue, is back with an exploration of aw-inducing design. Creative Director Jenny Sauer will dissect how and why “cute” aesthetics show up in brands—and how they can help move the needle for business.

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Decision By Desire

If branding is about developing better experiences for real people, how do we ensure we’re designing what they want?

LPK’s desires methodology acts as a compass for decision-making, pointing to what actually motivates people. The approach not only aligns brands closer to commercial truths, it spurs major business growth. Billy Thomas, VP and Director of Creative Excellence at LPK, explains.


The New Moment of Truth: How Reviews Are Changing Behavior

Amazon is the new king of retail, and according to Design Director Eric Sillies, that means digital consumer reviews are forcing brands to act differently.

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The Charge of the Designer: Connecting with the True Desires of Consumers

In an era of consumer vengeance, Meredith Post, Design Director at LPK, examines the changing role of the brand designer—and how human desires can point us forward.

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bi3 Sparks New Health Innovation

See how LPK helped a nonprofit develop and launch bi3, a grantmaker brand that’s transforming community health through disruptive innovation ideas.

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30 January 2018

LPK to Host Webinar on Gen-Z’s Impact on Higher Ed

They’re digital natives with a bias toward experiential education—and little pressure to follow a traditional path. Gen-Z’s impact on higher ed is undeniable, and it’s pushing institutions to reassess everything. Join our webinar to discover what that may mean for your institution.

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Let’s talk primal.

Desires thinking helps us decode people’s preferences for specific brands, products and experiences.

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