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Customer experiences are no longer enough. We specialize in defining optimal, end-to-end customer journeys.

With a relentless focus on people, we design unique customer experiences, products and services that redefine businesses and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with their customers.

First focusing on the journey, we help our clients crystallize Who and What, deepening their understanding of the consumer they serve, and defining their biggest challenges for delivering on their needs. We then focus on How and When, creating customer experiences that solve for those issues, activated through the experience delivery.

Defining the future of business.

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An integrated, adaptable approach to complex business challenges. Because today’s are rarely solved through a single channel, touchpoint or discipline.

We assemble teams of multidisciplinary designers, researchers and strategists who not only possess deep expertise in physical, digital and service design, but are also fluent in designing across design disciplines. These teams work holistically to define problems, identify opportunities, ideate, design and test solutions that create customer experiences while driving business value.
Why Us?

Purpose-built to design the future.

As a global brand, innovation and CX consultancy, our approach is decidedly distinct. Applying deep understanding of human behavior and anticipation of future shifts, we create experiences that drive brand allegiance right now—and over time.


We begin with insights, gaining deep understanding of the core needs and desires of the people for whom we’re designing. We engage those same people throughout our process to yield validated results that delight consumers, foster loyalty and generate business value.


Leveraging a broad and deep toolbox of design processes and methods, our approach solves root problems—not just their symptoms—creating breakthrough customer experiences that move beyond functionality to deeper meaning and desire.


We maximize collaboration within our teams, with our clients and with the people for whom we’re designing. Assembling diverse, cross-disciplinary teams with deep expertise allows us to draw on unique perspectives and generate the most innovative outcomes.


To ensure cultural relevance and endurance, our Trends & Foresight practice analyzes emergent sociocultural and technological shifts, accounting for potential changes in near- and long-term expectations.

Customer Experience

  • Research & InsightsEmploying a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques to identify expressed and latent customer wants, needs, desires and frustrations that drive breakthrough products, services and customer experiences.
  • CX StrategyDefining actionable plans to deliver a meaningful customer experience across all touchpoints to create customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Service DeliveryDesigning the organizational structure, processes and tools required to deliver customer experience strategies efficiently and effectively.
  • UX ArchitectureConstructing user-centered digital customer experiences and interactions that are useful, usable, delightful and desirable.
  • Service DesignDesigning user-centered services that reflect a deep understanding of your customer and their wants, needs, desires and motivations.
  • Product DesignDrawing on human empathy, business needs and brand distinction to design digital and physical products that are both emotionally fulfilling and functionally intuitive.
  • MVPs & PilotsBuilding physical, digital and service prototypes at appropriate levels of fidelity to test concepts and solutions with real users.
  • Usability & TestingIteratively testing concepts, products and services with your customers to deliver highly usable solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Our Thinking on Customer Experience

The Next-Gen CPG Playbook

The Next-Gen CPG Playbook

Waters are choppy for many CPG brands. LPK’s playbook for next-gen CPG brands provides guidance and focus to navigate this new world.

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We are a coveted brand and innovation consultancy. A collective of curious minds and creative souls. But this is not simply a place. It’s a direction; a movement pointed ever forward. Here, each of us leads by doing. We inspire our fellow specialists, but also our clients and industry colleagues. The work we create means something and makes something: makes minds change. Makes needles move. Makes watershed moments.

You are different here, and you’ll keep on changing. You will grow here. You will be smart, brave, closer to the truth.

And your transformation will also be ours—a progression paved by following your deepest passions and wildest ideas.

Because here, you own a piece of what happens next. Here, we’re united in the belief that LPK is never finished. We are ravenous for the new, the emerging, the uncharted. We know what we hold sacred. And clinging to that, we charge ahead.

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Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


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